Misri By Meghna Nayyar - Website Design


Meghna wanted to change the Website Layout and Site Structure. She wanted to make the Customer Experience on the Website easy. 


Meghna wanted constant Website Maintenance & Upkeep Support - Product Uploads and Management of Shopify Store.

Website Design/Maintenance, COntent, Shipping Partner SetUp & Order Management

01   Devised New Navigation Structure for the brand which made Online Shopping on site easy for the Consumer

02 Added Instagram Feed to the bottom of the Website making the website experience fresh and engaging with the visitors online

03  MISRI MUSES - Customer Testimonials which aids as Social proof for the Brand, building trust on the brand. 

04 Addition of ABOUT MISRI Section on Home Page to aid Keyword Generation and build Organic Search

05  Website Layout Revamp - We added Custom Sections creating a Magazine Layout making the website attractive point for the customers to shop online

06  Addition Of Smart Tabs under Product Description to make COD & International Shipping Pricing Communication clear for shoppers

07  Video Section - Misri Musings showcasing the latest campaign Videos making it engaging and interesting to shop online and increase website time

08  Shipping Partner - We worked on with Meghna and associated with a reliable shipping partner for her business

Revised Elev8 Online - Social Media Post

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